About Us

Canadian Distributor Inc. is a ONE STOP SHOP for all the PRODUCTS FOR LIVING & GIVING. Being in business since 2003, we are poised to help retailers secure their establishment in the booming Canadian Cannabis Industry. A central hub located in Calgary, we are carrying over 2500 products in the smoking industry only including glass pipes and bubblers, water pipes and hookahs, scales and grinders, silicone and titanium products, torches & lighters, vaporizers and cleaners, and a wide variety of smoking accessories.

Our Brands resonates the principles of exceptional quality, wide range of product design availability and a customer focused entity. Striving in business for more than 15 years, we tend to introduce our own product line labels to the industry. Xtreme being one of the most popular brands till date strives to be a customer favorite! Followed by Aqua, Kush, Volcano, H2O, & Haze! As a marque, we try to diversify and increase our product catalogue by continuously adding new quality suppliers on a regular basis. Our reach is directly to the manufacturers, eliminating the middlemen and increasing the profits for our customers. The products we carry are highly competitively priced, being the lowest priced guaranteed and shall price match or beat any other competitors pricing.

Canadian Distributor is also the Canadian home to the Nu Trendz Native Design products and other products carrying motifs inspired by the Tribal Artwork. We are currently carrying over 200 products including throws & fleece, reversible comforters & blankets (1 ply & 2 ply), sheet sets and Borrego sets, bathroom sets & area rugs, handbags and purses, clutch & wallets, gloves and socks, toques & hats, scarves & ponchos, sandals and boots, slippers & shoes, jackets and shorts, luggage & backpacks and automotive accessories.

Canadian Distributor Inc.