Canvas Frame – Small – Mix N Match

Canvas Frame Assorted – 10 pcs Mix ‘N’ Match

[expand title=”Instructions on how to add to cart“]Selection can be made in multiples of  10 only – First, select the 10 products – then at the bottom (besides the add to cart increase the number to the required)

Choose from: AK8640/AK8642/AK8639/AK8636/AK8638/AK8646/AK8645/AK8644/AK8643/AK8630/AK8626

For Example, you need a total of 10 products – 4 of AK8640, 3 of AK8638 and 3 of AK8643 – if you want more than 10 products then select 4 of AK8642, 3 of AK8626, 3 of AK8639 – then at the bottom select 2 if you wish to get two sets of 10


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