Kush 3 Foot Bongs Mix N Match (KU070/KU069)

Kush Glass Zig Zag Bong/Zong with colour logo
KU069: Jagged Bong
KU070: Curved Bong
Height: 36″
Thickness: 5MM
Colour: Clear
Quantity: 4/Box

Please note that due to the size of these of these bongs they must be shipped via pallets. The rest of your order will be added to the same pallet.


[expand title=”Instructions on how to add to cart“]Selection can be made in multiples of  4 only – First, select the 4 products – then at the bottom (besides the add to cart increase the number to the required)

Choose from: KU070 and KU069

For Example, you need a total of 8 products – 2 of KU070 and 2 of KU069 – then select2 of KU070 and 2 of KU069 – then  at the bottom select 2 if you wish to have to sets of 8 of the same order

For odd number groups of more than 4, please make 2 different entries and add to cart.[/expand]

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Additional information

Weight4 kg
Canadian Distributor Inc.